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Latest Updates 22/02/2012
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Wanted & Classics 22-02-2012

We proudly announce 2 new sections:

  • Wanted: You can specify what you are interested to buy, when an item is published with the specifications you have selected, you receive a notification email about that item. You can keep the wanted item private, or publish it so that everyone knows what you are looking for.
  • Classics: team selects the items that are unique and classic, and place all these items in one place for your entertainment.

Now you can set the currency to the one you prefer in any search page, without signing-in

To enjoy browsing more items and jump from page to another, we've added "You might also like" items below each item's detail page. The system will try to find items that similar to the item you're look for.

Google +1 25-10-2011

Now you can share items you like on Google +1. Also, we have removed Facebook "Share" buttons as this has been deprecated by, and has been replaced by Facebook "Like" buttons.

We've added search by MENA (Middle Easy & North Africa) countries. We've upgraded our search engine, now it displays results based on keywords you type. We've also found some bugs with IE9 (Internet Explorer 9) and fixed them.

We've upgraded our ranking. Now you can find us on Google and other search engines faster. Also we've upgraded our system layout and colors scheme.

We've been upgrading our system, now it doesn't just look great from the outside, but also have better performance. Also we've fixed some bugs, especially with Cameras category, and bugs related to "Internet Explorer" browser.

Also, we've added new category Numbers, which is about "Mobile Numbers and License Plates."

Some users had issues with Twitter feeds, we've upgraded Twitter to eliminate these errors. Enjoy tweeting with

We've added a new category Cameras. This section lets you post or search for camera related items, such as: Digital Cameras, SLR, DSLR, Lenses, Tripods and more..

We've also improved the ease with which you can browse items from different countries. Clicking on any flag at the top of the website will display items from the country you clicked on.

We have added a section which puts all of your messages together: My Messages will list:

  • Messages from potential buyers.
  • My Notifications updates.
  • Notification when a user adds an item to his/her favourites.
  • Comments on your items.
  • Message broadcasts from

When you have a new notification the new inbox item in the right column will let you know by glowing orange. Clicking on it will take you to My Messages. Managing your messages is similar to managing a Web-based email account.

We have updated the layout on ClassicArabia, we think that this update makes the site more visually appealing. Also, you can now 'Like' an item on Facebook just by clicking the 'Like' button corresponding to any item. The link will instantly appear on your wall once the Like button has been clicked. If you are not already signed into Facebook, you will be prompted to do so.

You can now share your items on Facebook and Twitter with a click of a button!

Here's how it works:

To share on Facebook:
Click on Share on Facebook on the item of your choice and it will instantly be published on your Facebook page.

To tweet on Twitter:
Click on Tweet this on the item of your choice and it will instantly be published on your Twitter page.

You can now unpublish your item by clicking "Unpublish" button in My Items page. This action will make your item invisible to users, but you can republish it again. has introduced the new "Insta-Web" and "Insta-Feed" services. These services empowers your marketing by displaying your items in directly into your website.

If you are a business and you want to show your inventory online on your own website or want a new website up and running in days and be able to manage your inventory easily, this is the ideal solution for you. To find out more, click Insta-Web or Insta-Feed.

A new map feature is now available for property users, you now can easily mark the exact location of your property on Google Maps.

We have introduced a new feature: "My Notifications", which will automatically notify you by email when items you are interested in become available! Here's how it works:
In any of the search pages, choose some criteria, then click on "Add Notification" button. When an item matching your selected criteria is published, you will receive an email message which will link you to the item.

If you're a company, now you can add your company's logo in your profile. Just go to My Preferences. Make sure the image you use is 200x200 pixels. Supported formats are JPG, GIF and PNG.

"Profile" page 24-10-2009

Every user on has now a unique profile page which contains information about the user and the user's items.
You can modify your profile by accessing My Preferences.

  • Starting from today, you can find out the latest updates in ClassicArabia by visiting this page.
  • We have added preferred language option in My Preferences. By changing your preferred language, when you sign in to ClassicArabia from any device, the site is automatically displayed in your preferred language.

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