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Frequently Asked Questions

General Answers:

Q1. I've filled in the registration form but I have not received any confirmation email.

A1. The confirmation email is sent within a few minutes of your registration form being received. If after a few minutes you have not received any email from us you may need to check your junk email folder. Some email providers such as yahoo! and Hotmail have very aggressive junk mail filter

Q2. How much does it cost?

A2. You can publish six items for FREE. After that the price of publishing an item is 20$ per item. Bulk discounts are available for businesses. Insta-Web users can post unlimited items for free. For more information on Insta-Web click here.

Q3. I would like to post more than six items. How can I get more credit?

A3. After you have used your free credits, you can purchase additional credits by here.

Q4. What is your privacy policy?

A4. does not provide information about individuals to any third party that is not involved directly with the site. The only personal information that we pass on is related to payment details in order to authorise payments. More information on our privacy policy can be found on the terms and conditions.

Q5. If I want to sell an item, do you get involved in the transaction?

A5. provides a facility for buyers and sellers to get in touch with each other. We do not get involved or take a commission on any subsequent sale that may happen.

Q6. I need more help! Can you help me?

A6. Send us an email by using the feedback form. Be sure to include your name and contact details!

Technical Answers:

Q1. What browsers do you support?

A1. uses open standards and our aim is to support all popular browsers on any most operating systems including mobile devices. We support browsers IE6, Firefox 2, Safari 3, Opera 9, Chrome, or later variations. If you are using a browser and the site isn't working correctly please let us know via the feedback page.

Q2. How secure is your payment system?

A2. When purchasing credits for the site, the transaction is handled by a VISA certified payment gateway. at no point stores any credit card payment information.

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Bikes - Brand: Kawasaki, Model: Ninja, Type: Sportbike, Year: 2016, Location: Jedda Saudi Arabia, Selling Price: SAR 33000.
Kawasaki Ninja Sportbike 2016 Used Bike for Sale in Saudi Arabia

USD 8,799
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